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Spindle Test and Analysis Stand  
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The Spindle Test and Analysis Stand is utilized to pre-condition spindles before they are installed in a machine. This process is accomplished over several hours at various increased running speeds which can be selected at the push of a button by the end user. Motor controls allow the user to choose specific speeds to "soak" the spindle for specific periods of time.

In order to achieve the tight tolerances demanded by today's manufacturing companies, spindle vibration levels must be reduced to absolute minimums. The Spindle Test and Analysis Stand prevents vibration from other sources, such as resonance or vibrations from nearby machines from being transmitted into the spindle resulting in erroneous readings. Accurate vibration measurements make it easier to identify and eliminate the source.


The stand is also utilized to:

- Perform vibration compliance (for example by automotive companies)

- Precision balance spindles

- Trouble shoot spindle problems

- Maintain quality control over spindle rebuild procedures


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What We Do  

Vibration Analysis


Static and Dynamic Balancing


Laser Alignment

Vibration analysis is utilized as an accurate method of finding existing problems as well as trim balancing of the spindle to acceptable specifications.

Virtually any part from an ounce in weight up to 5000 lbs. can be effectuvely balanced to meet and exceed most balancing tolerances.

Laser alignments can be performed onsite at your plant or your customer's facilitiy. We can perform alignments on many components.


44584 Morley Drive
Clinton Township, Michigan 48035

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