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Frequently Asked Questions  
  • Where can the balancing be performed?
  • Balancing can be performed at our facility or on location at the customer's site. Hamdon Industries, Inc. specializes in onsite balancing and vibration analysis. We utilize only the latest up to date equipment and methods in determining the origin of a vibration and making all necessary corrections along with recomendations for repair or routine maintenance. Dynamic and static balancing of components can be performed in house to numerous balancing tolerances or blue print specifications.

  • What are Hamdon Industries, Inc. capacities and capabilities?
  • Hamdon Industries, Inc. offers balancing of components ranging in weight from ounces up to 5000lbs and 30' in length. Our onsite service is virtually unlimited as long as there is a safe working environment and reasonable access to work on the equipment.

  • What type of components can be balanced?
  • Motors, armatures, pulleys, spindles, fans, blower wheels, impellers, high speed turbines and compressor rotors, machine tools, boring bars, tool holders, agricultural equipment, crankshafts, driveshafts, aerospace components.

  • Is emergency same day service offered?
  • Yes, Hamdon Industries, Inc. exclusively offers same day and 24 hour emergency service calls in house or onsite. Please call us for service anytime @ 586 795-5550. For after hour appointments please call 586 634-8989 or 586 634-8988.


    Hamdon Industries Inc.


    44584 Morley Drive
    Clinton Township, Michigan 48035

    Phone: (586) 795-5550
    After Hours: (586) 634-8988
    After Hours: (586) 634-8989
    Fax: (586) 795-4290

    Email: hamdon@sbcglobal.net


    What We Do  

    Vibration Analysis


    Static and Dynamic Balancing


    Laser Alignment

    Vibration analysis is utilized as an accurate method of finding existing problems as well as trim balancing of the spindle to acceptable specifications.

    Virtually any part from an ounce in weight up to 5000 lbs. can be effectuvely balanced to meet and exceed most balancing tolerances.

    Laser alignments can be performed onsite at your plant or your customer's facilitiy. We can perform alignments on many components.


    44584 Morley Drive
    Clinton Township, Michigan 48035

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